West Shore Bar Association         




Brief History:

Initiated through the efforts of the Hon. Brian F. Hagan, Judge of the Rocky River Municipal Court and its original founders, the West Shore Bar Association was formally created on March 2, 2010.  At its initial meeting over eighty members voted to approve the Articles of Incorporation and the Code of Regulations of the Association.

Code of Regulations of West Shore Bar Association, Inc.   



  Officers and Trustees 2017
Hon. Brian F. Hagan, President
2013, 2014, 2015, 2016
  Mary Catherine Barrett, Vice President
  Joe Burke, Vice President
  Timothy Clemens, Secretary
Terri Lastovka, Treasurer
  Hugh A. Carlin, Trustee
  Veronica Dever, Trustee
  Ashley Jones, Trustee
  Mike O'Shea, Trustee
Hon. Brendan Sheehan, Trustee
  Stanley Stein, Trustee
Original Trustees Original Officers
Ashley Lucca Hon. Brian F. Hagan, President
Brian Cook Rebecca Wetzel, Vice President
Timothy Sullivan Andrea Rocco, Vice President
Hugh Carlin Michael O'Shea, Secretary
Stanley Stein Andrew Meyer, Treasurer